Top 5 Temples In India


Thanjuvar temple is one of the best temple among top 5 temples in South India.
Thanjuvar Temple

Vamana Temple Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu

In India, there are so many temples as India is the country of the temples. In this post, we will discuss top 5 temples in India. In those temples, one is Vamana Temple which is located in the city of Kanchipuram which is situated near Chennai. It is in top 5 temples in South India. Kanchipuram is known for a lot of temples and it is one of the holiest places among seven emancipation center. Most of the temples in Kanchipuram dedicated to Lord Shiva and rest of the temples for Lord Vishnu. In Kanchipuram, there is a Sevenkanchi which is divided into two parts one is Shivakanchi and other is Vishnukanchi. A major part of Vishnukanchi is called Vamana Temple. It is the best tourist destinations for pilgrims in South India. Tourists have to pay rupees 2 as charity to enter the Temple.


Vamana Temple Kanchipuram

Vamana templeHow to reach Kanchipuram:

To go to Kanchipuram Vamana Temple Tourists have to visit Chennai then take the local vehicle to reach Vamana Temple Kanchipuram.


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 Meenakshi Temple

Meenakshi Temple is a famous and traditional temple situated on the southern bank of the Vaigai River in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati, known as Meenakshi, and her consort, Shiva, here named Sundareswarar. Meenakshi temple was rebuilt by the Nayak ruler Vishwanatha Nayakar around the 16th century. The temple attracts 15,000 visitors a day, around 25,000 on Fridays, and receives an annual revenue of 60 million.

Meenakshi Temple Chennai
Meenakshi Temple


Thanjavur Brihadeeshwarar Temple

Thanjavur Brihadeeshwarar temple situated in Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu.  UNESCO has declared this temple a world heritage site. The temple is dedicated to lord shiva. Thanjavur Temple is famous for its different style architecture as well as its glorious history. It is the most visited place by tourists and among top holiday destinations in Tamilnadu South India. Also popularly known as RajaRajeswara Temple, This was constructed by Chola dynasty king RajaRajeswara first in 1010 CE.

How to Reach Thanjavur

Thanjavur temple is connected with roads and railway network by other cities of Tamilnadu and India. The nearest airport is Trichy and Nearest railway station is also Trichy. Thanjavur is 55 km far away from Trichy.


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Kapaleeshwarar Temple Chennai, Tamilnadu

Kapaleeshwarar temple is the most famous and ancient temple situated in Mylapore area in Chennai. Lord Shiva is being dedicated to this temple. Huge numbers of tourists and pilgrims come to this temple. It is the witness of Dravidian architecture. It is supposed that this temple was built in the seventh century by Pallava kings. The current structure of this temple had been built in the sixteenth century by the kings of Vijayanagar.

Kapeeleshwar Temple South India images
Kapeeleshwar Temple

How to Reach Kapaleeshwarar Temple:

Chennai is very well connected by Rail, Road & Air Network from all the major cities of India. Tourists can hire a bus from Bus terminal Chennai to reach there. It is approx 8 km away from Chennai Central.

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Arunachaleshwar Mahadev Temple Tiruvannamalai Tamilnadu

The temple is situated at the foot of Mount Annamalai called Annamaliyar or Arunachaleshwar Mahadev Temple. It is the best destination for holiday or Pilgrimage. A different type of Shiva Temple situated in Tiruvannamalai district of Tamilnadu. On every full moon occasion of Karthik Poornima at Arunachaleshwar Mahadev Temple a huge number of devotees gather here.

Arunachaleshwar temple Chennai a top temple in India
Arunachaleshwar Temple

How to Reach Arunachaleshwar Mahadev Temple in Tiruvannamalai:

Arunachaleshwar Mahadev Temple Tiruvannamalai is too far from Chennai Central approx 200 km. Tourists can reach there by bus or can go by train till Vellore.<>


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