Top places to visit nearby Bangalore on weekend


best places to visit in India in winters

Top places to visit nearby Bangalore on weekend

Bangalore is the city known as IT hub of India. It is also known for its nice weather and its culture. Here are a few offbeat locations around Bangalore that you can visit during weekends! so here i am going to explore Top places to visit nearby Bangalore on weekend.

Places to visit nearby Bangalore on weekend


Mysore is the place for tourists once you give visit this place you will never like to go back to your place. Awesome city to enjoy and you have got lots of historical places here and temples you can visit like KRS dam, Balmuri falls, Aydamuri falls, Ontikopplu, Srirangapatana, Nimshamba Temple, Galigamba Temple, Chamundashwari Temple, Mysore Palace, Lalit Mahal Palace and resorts. You can have lots of fun in this city.

Top places to visit nearby Bangalore on weekend


Kabini is Located near the Nagarhole National Park in Kabini River banks. The breathtaking locale on the banks of the tranquil backwaters of river Kabini presents an ideal setting for a long-awaited deviation from the busy city life. It is a perfect place to unwind and refresh your senses, further to induce some serious matter into all. A place is an ideal place for trekking, wildlife viewing, bird watching, and fishing too. 

Top places to visit nearby Bangalore on weekend



Shimoga is the place to visit in Monsoon in Karnataka. The rain Gods descend in this region with all their might and despite the stunted drop caused by the Linganamakki dam, the Jog leaps into life. Even during the other seasons, there are other places to appreciate and enjoy – Kuppalli, Thirthahalli, Agumbe etc. Been there twice and wouldn’t mind going again. 

Top places to visit nearby Bangalore on weekend


Hampi is the famous tourist destination in India. It is old forts and ruined place of India. But the architecture of this place was known for heaven. The stone carved temples with stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata, stone pillars capable of producing sounds similar to musical instruments, Stone Aqueducts for water supply (Rome is not the only place to have it) the first pinhole camera effect, the passive cooling systems in palaces this place has it all. 

Top places to visit nearby Bangalore on weekend


Coorg is the best holiday destination and tourist place in South India near Bangalore. The scenic beauty of the place is simply amazing; a perfect climate which keeps you feel romantic and young. The good Coorgi food will make you sweep the floor from your feet with its spicy and peppery taste. 


Ooty is the top holiday destination for tourists in South India. Rose garden among the tourist attractions of Ooty. The gardener’s art of rose production, maintenance, etc. is really good. The botanical garden is worth visiting again and again. Speedboat in Pykara lake is awesome. When the speedboat jumps on water, it is like an adventure. 

Top places to visit nearby Bangalore on weekend


Chikmagalur is a good place for tourists and nature lovers and adventures to get enjoy. This place is rich in panoramic views. It is not hampered by tourist as other hill stations. Mullayangiri is the tallest peak of Karnataka at 6400 feet. The drive to the peak was worth experiencing. Chikmagalur is blessed with lots of waterfalls and coffee plantations.

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is the small hill station near Bangalore city in Karnataka District. You will feel heavenly at the cloud level on top of the hills and it feels like you are a god when looking at nearby locations from the top.

Top places to visit nearby Bangalore on weekend

The place is very green and pleasant with nature Road to Hill Peak point is in very good condition. I prefer bike riding to Nandi Hills, we can have a full site view.


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